• A Cozy Bedroom

    Sometimes you need to build from what you know and something as simple as your bedroom can provide great inspiration. I really love this build that my daughter designed herself and I’m so impressed with how well it came together:

    I really just love everything about this – the girl sitting on the bed is great, the little dogs are very sweet, the functional drawer in the bedside table is neat, and the bookcase makes me happy. Just a wonderful build all around.

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  • Our First Suggestion

    Thanks to Christian H for sending in a suggestion for a build! Christian said:

    A castle, a blue house, and a spaceship would be very cool to build.

    My son did some micro-builds for the castle and the blue house but hasn’t worked on the spaceship just yet. These are really small, but I quite like how they turned out, especially the castle:

    Also, this wasn’t a suggestion, but here’s a flower he designed and built recently:

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  • Some More Micro Builds


    Some more small builds once again inspired by suggestions from Brickit – some fun little ones that I think came together quite well.

    My daughter is currently hard at work on a pretty cool project of her own design, and we received our first build request – very exciting for the kids! Those will be published soon, but if you want to suggest some builds in the meantime, then please do so from this form.

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  • Rock ‘n Roll

    Guitars were the order of the day this past weekend, with some rocking examples being put together – one more traditional and the other with a lot more flair:

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  • Dragon in a Cave

    This dragon was created while we were reading The Hobbit – it is modelled after my daughter’s idea of what Smaug would look like (along with his non-canon baby).

    I especially like how Smaug’s tail sticks through the wall of the cave.

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  • A Few Micro Builds


    These are a few small builds inspired by suggestions from the truly magical app, Brickit. If you haven’t tried Brickit, then you really should give it a go. These builds aren’t exactly what the app suggested as it wasn’t 100% accurate with the bricks it scanned, so these are modified versions:

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  • Animals and People


    A general collection of animals and people that the kids designed on their own, with a few other things mixed in.

    The kiwi fruit slices at the bottom were inspired by one of Jono and Dan’s builds in the first season of LEGO Masters NZ. There are also a couple of snails in there, an angler fish, and Gandalf riding up to Bilbo’s hobbit hole (unfortunately I don’t have a better photo of that one).

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  • Star Wars Portraits


    LEGO portraits of Grogu (Baby Yoda) and Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars.

    Admittedly, Baby Yoda looks more like Father Yoda…

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  • Wizards!


    Wizards – one summoning a magical fire while the other hangs out with a puppy friend. Both sporting majestic beards, naturally.

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  • A Trophy and a Butterfly


    Two fun little builds inspired by suggestions in The LEGO Ideas Book:

    The trophy is now used as the main prize for any family games we play – there’s a legend that the crystals on the top grant magical powers.

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